Best Cities In Pune

If you are looking for the best Cities In Pune , then look no further. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best Cities In Pune to go to for whatever you are looking for.

Is Pune a city or city?

Along with the municipal corporation limits of PCMC and the three cantonment towns of Camp, Khadki and Dehu Road, Pune forms the urban core of the eponymous Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR).

What is the old name of Pune?

Pune, known as Poona until 1978 (Marathi: ; English: / ˈ p uː n ə /), is the largest city in the state of Maharashtra and the 7 th most populous city in India, with an estimated population of 7.4 million as of 2020.

What are the different neighbourhoods of Pune?

The modern city of Pune has many distinct neighbourhoods. These include the numerous peths of the old city on the eastern bank of the Mutha river, the cantonment areas of Khadki and Pune Camp established by the British, and numerous suburbs.

Which is the best place to visit in Pune?

Pune has two of the most important pilgrimage centres of the Varkari sect of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra, namely Alandi where the samadhi of 13th century Saint Dnyaneshwar is located and Dehu where the 17th century Saint Tukaram lived.

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