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Learn How to Use Poker Card Tricks to Win

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Learn How to Use Poker Card Tricks to Win

Of course the classic poker card tricks can be memorized but how about some of the lesser known cards? Read on to find out.

Unusual tricks. The most common of all poker card tricks is called the Baton Pass, the pass the arm by holding your hands up, the palm facing the other player. It’s a great trick because of the time it takes to perform it and the fact that it’s just basic. If you’re looking for something more unusual for your next poker game, try this.

Anyone’s opinion is worthless! Yes, when you play the flop, a player’s advice to someone else to fold is really worthless. Usually this happens when the hand on the flop tells you to bet, is one where you have a better hand. In such a case, be sure to bluff out the player with the good hand and see if he can call. Or if you’ve been the bluffing player, just leave his hand and continue playing.

Poker Tops or Pitchers. This is one of the very best tricks in poker card games. Usually a player will bet the top of the poker pots; these tricks are fairly easy to do and can be accomplished by anyone.

Tallying the Cards. Many of the players play cards before the game begins. Before the game starts, the players will read off the cards they hold and put them on their index cards. When the tournament is over, these cards are scored for each person.

Random Picks. Although this is a classic poker trick, it’s not as popular as it once was. Before the invention of random number generators (RNG), this was one of the main things used to eliminate the better player from the game. Byutilizing RNG, the better player will have more opportunities to win a pot.

Spin the Poker Spinner. This is one of the most common poker card tricks in any variation of poker. The idea is that you spin the poker spinner around the table in such a way that it spins and draws one or two cards. Of course, the cards you get will be random.

Other card tricks to add to your repertoire include: Spin the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Disc and Spins the Poker Chips. There are hundreds of poker card tricks you can learn and using them will add more entertainment and fun to your games. Now, you can be a better poker player by learning some of the classic tricks and becoming even better at the game play.