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Ed Miller’s Poker Books

Ed Miller is an author, trainer and poker coach. Along with his wife Lisa, he has created a series of poker books that cover all aspects of the game, including strategy and tactics. Some of his best-selling poker books include Mental Skills for Poker Players, The Essential Card Book and The Mental Game of Poker. All of these are well-researched works that provide expert insights into the mental processes that help players win more poker hands than they lose. In particular Mental Skills for Poker Players covers bluffing techniques, mentally strong players and the various poker fundamentals that all poker players should know.

ed miller poker books

The Essential Card Book is another of Miller’s poker books. This book provides valuable information on playing as a whole, not just focusing on one aspect of the game such as the hands you should raise or lower. The book also includes a great deal of general poker information, from the odds to poker chip values. However, Mental Skills for Poker Players is probably the most valuable section, covering bluffing tips, situational play, and good decision making. This is probably one of the most complete works on poker that covers all aspects of the game.

The final of Miller’s poker books to date, The Mental Game, is probably his most well-written and easily read work to date. In this book, Miller covers everything from dealing with nervous butterflies and overzealous opponents to beating the big hand. Miller provides innumerable examples of bluffing techniques and psychological approaches used by professional poker players, as well as common mistakes made by amateur poker players. There are even several sample games from previous books that Miller relates in his own words, allowing you to get a first-hand look at how he may have approached a specific situation.

One thing that might not immediately jump out at you when you begin reading Mental Skills for Poker Players, however, is the author’s background in psychology. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll have any trouble understanding Miller’s references to bluffing and psychological approaches in the game, it can be an interesting fact that is reflected in the text. For example, one of the psychological approaches toward winning at poker involves visualizing yourself getting a particular kind of card in a certain situation. While it isn’t something that most poker players go for, mentalists sometimes use such imagery in hopes of winning a particular hand.

All of these poker techniques are ones that Miller explains in detail in each of the author’s seven books. Of course, they are also well presented in the videos that follow each of the chapters. If you want more information on ways to bluff your way to a win, or strategies for bluffing your way to a loss, the author has written two other great books. One of them, No Limit Hold’em Survival Kit, covers just that topic. The second, Don’t Call, is another one of his famous videos that offers players practical strategies for bluffing in every game.

If you’re looking for a great selection of poker books, then you may want to consider Ed Miller. His No Limit Hold’em Survival Kit may be what you’re looking for, as might his Don’t Call, but there are a number of great books by the same guy out there that you may want to check out, too. He’s made a name for himself as one of the best poker teachers around. It’s safe to say that anyone who wants to succeed in the game of poker should have the knowledge and resources available to them through Ed Miller’s excellent books.