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Best Poker Books For Beginners

There are many poker books for beginners out there. Which one is the best one? The best one depends on the person’s preferences and on how far he/she has come with poker. Here is a review of the top three books to get started with poker:

best poker books for beginners

Choosing a book to get started with poker is really important. There are some people who have just joined the poker world and have no idea about the laws or how the game is played. Without an experienced guide to the game, they are likely to get lose a lot of money. Here are the top three poker books for beginners.

Well, it’s up to you. If you’re looking for a beginner’s book to get started with, then poker for beginners by Hall of Famer Steve Smith may be perfect for you. He describes the various poker rules and explains why it is that you should play poker and not video poker.

Another book on poker books for beginners is Poker for Beginners by Dave Emory. This book also breaks down the rules, explaining the best ways to play the game, but there is a twist. You also learn why you should play for fun and not just to make money. You can even see some hands that you can hold yourself in the tournament.

To help you with your weak reading skills, a book like Money Made by Jon Kyl and John Holland (Don’t Panic) is a must read. They explain how to make money with poker and how to get free money from betting.

If you do have a good working knowledge of the game and some common sense, The Poker Book by Jason Kinney is perfect for you. He shares his vast experience as well as talks about the true definition of poker and how to play the game.

If you’re going to choose a book on poker books for beginners, these three are the ones to get started with. There are others out there but they’re likely to end up being way out of your league. If you want to get started with the game and learn everything you can about it, then these are the books to get started with.