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Best Books on Poker – Finding Them

Best books on poker are for the best part critical to the overall comfort of your poker learning process. You can almost guarantee yourself a great time if you do a little homework ahead of time. To determine if you’ve got the “right” books, read this article.

best books on poker

Books on poker are different from books on other games. They’re a product of the times, are way more advanced than they were when they were first written, and include a lot of information that might otherwise be out of your reach. So, what can you do to find a good book on poker? Follow these guidelines.

First, let’s start with how you’re reading this. If you’re reading a book in hard copy, look at the publisher. Big-name publishers and their imprints are almost always the best. While they’re likely not the only option, they are the most likely to have the best books on poker.

Second, if you’re reading the book online, look for a publisher with an affiliate program. The best books on poker will include an affiliate program because they know that their online customers need them. Many authors will have ads throughout the book, and if you can find a publisher with one, you’ll get a better deal. Some publishers offer better deals than others, but if they’re getting a commission off of every sale you make, it’s probably worth it.

Third, be wary of price. A title with a lower price is generally better, as it means the publisher has to spend more money to get a book into print. A good publisher will charge high prices for books that are quite good.

Fourth, be aware of how long a book has been out. With some, you can tell if the author has only just started writing for that topic. A more established author is usually likely to have several books in progress at once. This is something you should watch for. A newer author might be able to crank out a book within a few months or weeks, but they don’t have the same shelf life as a more established author.

Fifth, consider the publisher of the book. Look at who handles the editing, proofreading, and writing of the book. Look at who does the graphics and covers. These are things that add to the overall value of the book.

There’s no doubt that the best books on poker will give you a solid background in poker. That’s all you need to get started.