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Best Cash Game Poker Books

When it comes to Cash Game Poker Books, I think there are a few things you should know. While I think most Poker Players can benefit from the knowledge and strategy in these books, I also feel the books are not targeted toward experienced players and therefore could be detrimental to you. I am going to cover some of the best books in this article.

best cash game poker books

I love Cash Game Poker Books by Chuck Hodak. I had a hard time finding information in other books that specifically addressed these strategies. The biggest thing about Cash Game Poker Books is that the author covers a variety of strategies from all aspects of the game and then applies them and makes you think.

I enjoy the other Cash Game Poker Books by Robert Benko and Jimmy Vasser. These are more of general books and strategy for poker. For example, you learn what hand to call when you have an over-raise and how to play out the flop, etc.

I have not read the new Bally’s and Black Book yet but I am excited to do so. I love the idea of having a massive, step-by-step book on hand positioning and playing the pot. I want to learn to “play” the pot for real!

Some people talk about how to play and read the markets and how their odds change based on different things like index movements and events on the news. You can use the same theory to guide your Poker game. You want to position yourself and make sure you make good bets at the right times.

Another one of my favorite Cash Game Poker Books is by Nick Bakovic. It covers all the standard strategies that you should learn. He takes the hard money edge and makes it easy for new players and gives good advice on how to hold strong hands, two pair against five, etc.

I have a few other Cash Game Poker Books that I recommend but I won’t go into them in this article. I will leave you with one last Cash Game Poker Book. John Dowland’s New Pocket Betting for the Ladies is another great strategy that I like.

Cash Game Poker Books is a great way to get yourself started with learning the basic strategies and techniques of poker. I have just covered the top three I’ve personally tried and enjoyed. There are tons more out there.